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The story of the NTP brand began in 1995 and is still running its course on many different paths. 25 years of development with

passion and confidence of success allowed to create a professional company prioritarizing high quality hardware.

NTP became a symbol of thrustworthiness and stable business relationships, offering highest quality products, personalized towards

the tastes and needs of its clients.

Since it's foundation NTP has been subjecting its products to rigorous quality control tests which allowed to introduce many exemplary

products meeting restrictive standards. It is our comapnys ambition to become the leader in selling highest quality hardware which is made

possible by the thorughness and conscientiousness of our staff.

Our company motto is "the client always returns to us but the products do not". This is a roadsign for all our endevours. It complies us to

offer our client the best possible products at a low price.