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PN01-600830-T20A01 Maximize

Pantograph, 600-830mm hanger pole length

More details

Material color:
Aluminium(A01) / Black(T20)
Aluminium / plastic
Additional mechanism:
Gas lifting mechanism with soft-closing
Hanger pole length:
Max. weight:

Set includes :

PANTOGRAF NTP skład zestawu

PANTOGRAF NTP 600-830 rysunki techniczne

Installation :

1. Fix the left and right lifting mechanism using at least 8 screws for each, for better results use 12 screws.

2. Assemble the main pole to the hanger pole using an M3 screw.

3. Fix the plastic handle to the main pole using an M3 screw. Adjust the legth of the hanger pole to be 9cm shorter than the inner width of the cupboard, to lock the pole length in place turn the pole handles as shown on the illustration below.

4. Pull down the arms of the lifting mechanisms and place the plastic brackets on both of them. Insert the hanger pole between and them and fix it together with the hexagon screws.

PANTOGRAF NTP 450-600 montaż